Abeco Tanks South Africa builds massive tank in Africa

Abeco Tanks South Africa builds massive tank in Africa

South Africa’s water tanks manufacturer and solutions provider, ABECO Tanks, has announced the completion of its biggest tank in Africa, installed for one of South Africa’s largest poultry producer.

The large-scale tank sitting on a surface area equivalent to two tennis courts, holds 5.8 million litres of water with a 3 million-litre supplementary tank providing a total of 8.8 million litres of saved water.

Investing in the “water bank” was a strategic move by the poultry farm to survive the perennial droughts and water shortages in the North West province of South Africa.

ABECO Tanks South Africa has positioned itself as the World’s first bank for water allowing businesses and people to put a continuity plan in place and to keep functioning even when there is water crisis.

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The massive facility is a rectangular, sectional bolted tank built to provide for the exclusive requirements of the poultry farm, which supplies international and national markets with chicken for processing and distribution.

Abeco COO Mannie Ramos Jnr. says that Abeco tanks is the only company in Southern Africa with the expertise to manufacture and install a tank that huge in a record-breaking 38 days – the average time frame that it would take to complete the 5.8 million litre tank, ensure it is water-tight, tested and safe for use is 128 days.

The modular design of the Abeco rectangular water tanks makes them easy to install using basic equipment and store hygienic water that is not affected by Ultra Violet Rays. The careful design and premium materials ensure the tanks are safe for agricultural use especially for livestock consumption.

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Ramos Jnr. opines that water storage for agricultural use is not a proposition in farming, rather It is a necessity that it should be planned for. “Water crises have shown us, the need to plan water consumption, track water saving and save for continuity of service.”

The Abeco rectangular tanks are built to specifications that include Internal bracing consisting of angle iron welded to base plates which are bolted to tank panels and the Jig assembled to ensure dimensional accuracy. The roofs are safely fixed to cold rolled lipped channel purlins supported by tubular posts with high tensile grade nuts and bolts. The steel components are hot dip galvanized secured with non-toxic and non-tainting sealants and rubber components.