Burkina Faso receives US $48M boost for Donsin solar power plant project

Burkina Faso receives US $48M boost for Donsin solar power plant project

Burkina Faso has received US $48M boost from Export-Import Bank of China to aid in development of the Donsin solar power plant project and its accompanying electricity storage system.

The project involves the construction of a 25 MWp solar power plant at the Donsin airport site, located in the council of Loumbila in central Burkina Faso. Additionally, a 5 MW/20 MWh battery electricity storage system will be installed.

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Energy security

This initiative underscores Burkina Faso’s commitment to enhancing its energy security and expanding its domestic generating capacity. By increasing its generating capacity through renewable energy sources like solar power, Burkina Faso aims to reduce its reliance on imported electricity. Currently, a significant portion of Burkina Faso’s electricity, around 220 MW, is imported. This project aligns with the country’s objective to bolster its energy self-sufficiency and reduce dependency on external sources.

Furthermore, Burkina Faso’s role as one of the leading producers of solar energy in the West African region is highlighted by its installed capacity of 92 MWp, surpassing neighboring countries such as Mauritania, Ivory Coast, and Mali. The completion of the Donsin solar power plant is expected to further enhance Burkina Faso’s position in the renewable energy sector.