Burundi to receive US $2M boost for Ruvyironza Multipurpose Dam project

Burundi to receive US $2M boost for Ruvyironza Multipurpose Dam project

Burundi is set to receive approximately US $2M in funding for the “Development of Water Resources and the Ruvyironza Multipurpose Dam” project.

The African Water Facility (AWF) approved the funds which will aid in addressing critical challenges in water, food, and energy security in the country. Burundi faces challenges in energy security, with low access to electricity and high production costs, as well as inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene services. By addressing these issues, the Proderer project aligns with the Burundian government’s initiatives to improve essential services and advance sustainable development in the country.

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Ruvyironza Multipurpose Dam project

Key objectives of the project include conducting feasibility studies on various hydraulic, agricultural, and hydroelectric infrastructures, with a particular emphasis on the Ruvyironza dam.

The project anticipates the operation of a run-of-river power station by 2025, with a capacity of 1.65 MW. This power station will contribute 6.5 GWh of renewable electricity annually to the Gitega provincial grid, benefiting approximately 20,000 Burundians and reducing CO2 emissions by 3,200 tonnes per year.

This project, scheduled to last two years, aims to improve water, sanitation, and irrigation infrastructure, benefiting 270,000 rural households in provinces facing water shortages. It also seeks to establish an irrigated area spanning over 14,674 hectares, alongside efforts to rehabilitate degraded upstream watersheds. Overall, the project is expected to positively impact 681,546 people, with a focus on gender equality by ensuring 50% of beneficiaries are women.

Economically, the project is forecasted to generate 244 jobs during its preparation phase and create between 5,000 and 7,200 jobs during downstream investments, thereby contributing to local employment opportunities and economic development.