Davis & Shirtliff calls for policy framework on groundwater abstraction

Davis & Shirtliff calls for policy framework on groundwater abstraction

Davis & Shirtliff Group, the leading supplier for water equipment and energy solutions in the East African region has called on the government of Kenya to institute a policy framework to support local capacity and expertise in sustainable groundwater abstraction. The Group CEO David Gatende shared the view in an interview with Citizen TV Kenya on #WorldWaterDay 2022.

The move, the firm says, will make it easier for Kenya to tap into groundwater resources to boost access to water for more households and significantly reduce frequent water shortages experienced in major towns.

Gatende noted that large population of Kenyans spend a third of their day fetching water from nearby natural water sources thereby reducing the time available for active income generating or economic activities, a trend that has contributed to increased poverty levels.

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“I don’t think there is enough access to water and there are still too many people who cannot get water from a tap and they have to either go to the river to fetch water or they have to rely on some people who have to steal water from pipes which pass nearby. Others can’t afford to buy pumps while some are just not aware of the importance of investing in a pump,” he said.

Gatende has over the years consistently advocated for water security in Africa, calling on the developing countries to implement and enforce Urban Water Management (UWM) policies if water security is to improve in the countries.

According to Gatende, Urban water comprises all water that exists in the urban environment which includes natural surface water and groundwater, and strict implementation of UWM policies and strategies will result in urban centres that are resilient, livable, productive and sustainable.

He acknowledges that there is a water accessibility problem that is increasing with the growing populations not just in Kenya but in the whole of Africa.