Desalination plant to be built at Port of East London in South Africa

Desalination plant to be built at Port of East London in South Africa

A desalination plant is set to be developed at the Port of East London in South Africa. The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), confirmed the report and said the initiative is part of strategic plan to bolster resilience and ensure water security for public services by 2029.

The contract for this project has been awarded to the Sun Water East London joint venture, comprising Norland Civil Engineers and Contractors and Impact Water Solutions (PTY) Ltd (IWS). Norland will handle the engineering and equipment aspect of the project, ensuring high-quality construction and timely delivery. IWS will contribute expertise in construction and operation.

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The contract, valued at approximately US $3.24M, outlines a seven-year operational period for Sun Water East London to manage the seawater desalination plant. Additionally, IWS will integrate solar panels into the facility to mitigate electricity costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy-intensive desalination process.

The seawater desalination plant, will provide 500 m3 of drinking water daily to the port. This move aims to mitigate the impact of drought in the Eastern Cape Province while reducing the port’s reliance on external sources for freshwater supply.

“The introduction of this alternative water solution is a step towards improving the port system and seeks to minimise TNPA’s dependence on external parties for the supply of fresh water,” said Phyllis Difeto, TNPA’s Acting Managing Director.