EBARA Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks for Disaster Recovery

EBARA Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks for Disaster Recovery

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) delivered five drainage pump trucks to Fukuoka Prefecture to reduce flood damages at the time of disaster.

In recent years, due to climate change, the number of large typhoons and localized heavy rains has been increasing in Japan. It is concerned that this will lead to more severe water-related hazards. There are also urban water-related disasters.

As a result of local population growth and housing development, the water retention function of forests and soils of fields has been lost. It causes larger-than-planned amounts of rainwater flowing into drainage systems. As the risk of water-related disasters is expected to increase in the future, drainage systems are required to be more reliable and agile than ever before.

EBARA Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks for Disaster Recovery

There are 20 first-class rivers in the Kyushu region. Many rivers including branches and waterways support people’s life and industry in the region. However, once a water disaster occurs, the impact on the community such as flooding due to overflowing of rivers as well as flooding into the underground could be significant.

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To quickly restore the safe and secure normal life at disaster-affected areas, the drainage pump trucks are equipped with pumps that can drain water even at low water levels and are lightweight to speed up the recovery process.

Specification of Drainage Pump Trucks (30m3/minute class)
Equipment installed for each truck

  • Pumps: 5.0m3/min × 10m (series operation is possible),
  • Weight: 30 kg, 6 units,
  • Generator: 125kVA,
  • Operation panel: Outdoor rainproof type x 1 unit,
  • Number of trucks: 5

EBARA’s long-term vision, “E-Vision 2030,” aims to “contribute to the creation of a sustainable society” by supporting “an eco-friendly society, social infrastructures for safe and secure life, and a world with ample food and water.”

The EBARA Group aims to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing material issues identified in its long-term vision and executing the medium-term management plan to increase corporate