Egypt, Japan to develop air-to-water generator

Egypt, Japan to develop air-to-water generator

Egypt and Japan have partnered to develop an air-to-water generator in Egypt. The two nations represented by Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production through the Helwan Metal Hardware Company and Japan’s Mizuha Co. inked a joint manufacturing contract for the development which aims at addressing water scarcity issues in Egypt.

The development dubbed KuSui device, named after the Japanese words for “air” and”water,” is set to utilize advanced technology to directly extract drinking water from atmospheric water vapor, employing an ion exchange system and carbon filters for sterilization.

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Boosting domestic manufacturing

Over 70% of the device’s components are locally produced, with the Ministry aiming for at least 50% local content. This initiative aligns with efforts to bolster domestic manufacturing capabilities and reduce dependency on imports.

The device is expected to have a production capacity averaging 14 liters per day, contingent on atmospheric humidity levels. This capacity makes it suitable for commercial use by companies and tourist resorts, addressing the demand for clean drinking water in various settings.

Following the completion of the prototype, the Ministry intends to sign further agreements with MIZUHA to commence mass production of the final version. This reflects a long-term commitment to advancing water security and supporting sustainable development goals in Egypt.

Egypt faces significant water scarcity, with a deficit of up to 55% of its water needs. The majority of its renewable water resources come from the River Nile, highlighting the importance of innovative solutions like the KuSui device to mitigate water stress and enhance self-sufficiency.