Egypt signs deal for green development of hydrogen energy

Egypt signs deal for green development of hydrogen energy

The Egyptian government has signed of intentions with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (Siemens AG), for the start of discussions and studies to implement a pilot project for the production of green hydrogen in the country.

The agreement which was signed by Mohamed Shaker, the Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, representing the North African country’s government, and Joe Kaiser, the CEO of Siemens embodying the German energy technology and manufacturing company serving areas such as power generation and transmission, energy management, transportation, telecommunications systems, and medical engineering, is a mark of the first step towards expanding in this field to the possibility of exporting.

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Egypt’s strategy

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the signing of this agreement falls within the framework of the country’s strategy that aims to expand the fields of clean green energy and increase the contribution of renewable energy in the electricity mix.

Furthermore, it represents the attention paid by the electricity and renewable energy sector to diversify sources of electrical energy production and benefit from the country’s natural wealth, which include new and renewable energy sources.

“Among the new and renewable energy sources is the production, use, and export of green hydrogen, in line with the global trend in this field. Green hydrogen is receiving a lot of attention as it could be a promising source of energy in the near future,” said the ministry.

“For example, a ministerial committee is currently working on the national level to study hydrogen, research all possible alternatives for the generation and use of hydrogen taking into account international experiences in this field. Energy Strategy 2035 will also be updated to include green hydrogen as an energy source,” added the energy department.