Gardner Denver unveils new V3 valve that improves performance

Gardner Denver unveils new V3 valve that improves performance

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (GD), one of the leading total solutions providers for the drilling, well servicing and frac pumps market, has unveiled its new V3 valve that significantly increases performance hours in high pressure hydraulic fracturing operations

Gardner Denver Redline valves and seats are industry leaders, designed for maximum performance and reliability, with the full-open, bonded design providing optimal flow efficiency and maximum sealing. In line with Gardner Denver’s commitment to continuous innovation, the V3 valve has undergone a complete redesign to improve metallurgy and heat treatment resulting in enhanced wear resistance and strength.

During field trials in the Eagle Ford, Permian and Marcellus shale plays, increased performance of up to 46% over the leading competitor was observed. In the Permian basin, performance of the V2 and V3 could be compared, with an increase in performance of 81% witnessed.

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Suitable for use with any standard fluid

Neal Spence, product line leader, GD, said, “Gardner Denver’s legendary reputation is built on more than a century of pioneering excellence in pumping technology. The dramatic increase in performance hours for the V3 compared to its competitors underlines Gardner Denver’s ongoing commitment to applying innovation and improvements to all of our American-made products.”

The V3 valve is suitable for use with any standard fluid end utilising P-4 and P-5 valve configuration. What started with the development of a revolutionary compressor by founder Robert Gardner has transformed into a company recognized as a world leader in pumping technology and services. From the heartland of America has grown a company with global reach – Gardner Denver.

Where there was a need Gardner Denver has always seen in itself the solution. That dedication to purpose-driven innovation is what has driven our creation of new parts, applications and services. For more than 150 years, everything they have created, has been brought to life with one goal in mind – simplifying and extending the operating life of our clients’ worksites.