Intelligent Wash-and-Clean Solutions from Grundfos

Intelligent Wash-and-Clean Solutions from Grundfos
A Grundfos Hydro Multi E booster pump set with HMI display.

Industries in South Africa today need more than just a robust and powerful washing and cleaning solution; they need one which will support companies’ efforts to conserve energy and water while protecting the environment.

This is where Grundfos iSOLUTIONS can help ensure reliable, efficient and safe operations, according to Grant Cannon, sales engineer in industry water treatment at Grundfos South Africa. The conditions in which washing and cleaning pumps operate are often harsh, and can include humidity and high ambient temperatures. Many facilities also demand a compact physical design so that the pump and motor can be fitted into a cabinet or be mounted onto a cart to be moved around the site to where it is needed.

“This means that the pump design must be small enough to fit into a confined space or allow easy mobility,” says Cannon. “We achieve this by using an oversize motor which runs at 6,000 rpm, allowing use of a smaller pump size.”

He highlights that if a similar pressure had to be required from a conventional pump, the pump itself would be about 1,2 m in height. In Grundfos’s design, the pump height can be reduced to less than 40 cm.

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“In addition to delivering high pressure reliably and efficiently, our solutions are also intelligent so they can be easily integrated into an existing SCADA system,” he says. “The system is closely monitored, intelligently adapting to changing production demands and reducing excessive energy use.”

This monitoring and optimising of performance saves energy, water and chemicals, while also generating the required operational data for the customer’s purposes.

The pump solutions are fully assembled and tested before delivery, so no on-site wiring or programming is required. All that is needed is for the water and electricity supply to be connected, and the system is ready for action.

“The result is a compact and robust system that is customised to the application, saving the customer considerable installation and engineering time,” he says.


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