Kenya, China seal deal on energy sector

Kenya, China seal deal on energy sector

Kenya has entered into an agreement with China’s Energy International Group to enhance its power system’s reliability, efficiency, and modernization.

The signing ceremony took place during the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) forum in Beijing. The BRI is a Chinese-led initiative aimed at fostering international collaboration, enhancing infrastructure, and stimulating economic growth through improved connectivity and trade. Kenya’s President William Ruto who is leading the BRI forum was the witnessed of the signing ceremony while Lyu Zexiang signed on behalf of China Energy International Group.

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Global cooperation

The collaboration with China is expected to play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges of power reliability and efficiency, as well as modernizing the country’s power systems. This, in turn, is expected to promote economic development.

The BRI, initiated by China in 2013, aims to create a vast network of trade and infrastructure connecting regions across Asia, Europe, Africa, and beyond. It has gained the participation of numerous countries and international organizations, fostering global cooperation.

President William Ruto has emphasized his commitment to deepening Kenya’s relations with China under the New Silk Road initiative, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure development in promoting connectivity and driving economic growth.

The outcomes of discussions and collaborations at the BRI forum are expected to further strengthen economic cooperation between Kenya and China. The collaboration with China’s Energy International Group is poised to have far-reaching effects not only on Kenya’s energy infrastructure but also on the nation’s overall economic growth and development.