Kenya launches solar powered water schemes in Kwale County

Kenya launches solar powered water schemes in Kwale County

Kenya through Kwale county government has embarked on significant initiatives aimed at improving access to clean water in rural areas through solar-powered water schemes.

The county’s Governor Fatuma Achani launched the project said that these initiatives are a result of extensive consultations with grassroots communities, highlighting the importance of local involvement in shaping development projects.

These projects are designed not only to provide clean drinking water but also to support agricultural activities through irrigation, thereby enhancing food security in the region. The solar water projects include installations such as solar pumping systems, motorized boreholes, and large-capacity water tanks, all crucial for ensuring sustainable access to safe water.

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Promoting environmental sustainability

Achani underscored her administration’s commitment to using renewable energy sources to power these water projects, thereby addressing the energy needs of vulnerable communities while promoting environmental sustainability.

“We are working tirelessly in setting up the best infrastructure in matters of addressing water scarcity to the residents of our county, “she said.

In addition to the immediate benefits of improved water access and hygiene, Achani stressed the long-term impact on agricultural productivity. By supporting irrigation and investing in water infrastructure, the county aims to bolster food production and achieve greater food security.

Residents, such as Christin Mwadele from Mlongotoni Village, have welcomed these initiatives, noting that they alleviate the burden of traveling long distances to fetch water, marking a significant improvement in their daily lives.