Kirloskar opens Advanced Technology Product Division

Dedicated Advanced Technology Product Division (ATPD) built for manufacturing high-end technology products, primarily used for nuclear applications.

Kirloskar opens Advanced Technology Product Division at Kirloskarvadi Factory

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a company which has always been known for staying ahead of the curve and being ready for the future.  As part of the company’s another progressive step in the same direction, KBL recently built a new manufacturing division at the company’s mother plant in Kirloskarvadi called ‘Advanced Technology Product Division (ATPD)’.

As the name suggests, the ATPD has primarily been built as a dedicated manufacturing division for high-end technology products, especially those used for nuclear applications.

It is a state-of-the-art facility spread across 6000 sq. mtr. area and is fully equipped with modern machines and test facilities, including special measuring instruments. The facility is a one-stop-shop for machining, quality control checks, assembly, and testing under high pressure and high temperature.

KBL is among the world leaders in pumping solutions for various critical applications in the nuclear industry. It is the first and leading manufacturer of primary and secondary sodium pumps for Fast Breeder Reactors (FBR) in India.

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The company is also among the only few providers of primary heat transfer pumps for the nuclear sector. Besides, the company’s Concrete Volute Pumps (CVP) form an essential part of various nuclear and thermal power plants across India. Thus, the establishment of the ATPD division is primarily aimed at further consolidating KBL’s capabilities as a full-fledged dedicated provider of some of the most advanced fluid management technologies and solutions for a wide range of applications in the Nuclear industry.

The ATPD division marks KBL’s continued commitment towards the Government of India’s Make in India and Atmnirbhar Bharat initiatives. In fact, it is the latest addition to the various state-of-the-art technological capabilities and facilities available at the company’s mother plant in Kirloskarvadi. The Kirloskarvadi plant, which is one of India’s first industrial townships, has a comprehensive production capacity for a wide range of centrifugal pumps of various types and sizes backed by in-house design capabilities, thereby eliminating the need to rely on other countries. It is home to Asia’s only 3-D printing machine for pump modelling and also houses Asia’s largest state-of-the-art hydraulic testing facility for testing centrifugal pumps.