Moroccan Water well drilling industry to gain the benefits of Vinyl uPVC Pipes

Vinyl Pipes will be available in 8 major cities, 15 outlets, 60 counters and 200 drillers and will offer a more environmentally friendly, long lasting, low maintenance, cost effective solution for pipes that will give clean water for 50+ years.

Moroccan Water well drilling industry to gain the benefits of Vinyl uPVC Pipes

Vinyl Pipes, India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of uPVC water pipes, has announced its expansion into Morocco to help improve the water management needs in the Moroccan market.

This expansion is yet another milestone, in Vinyl’s mission of enabling water access, in a water-scarce country with dwindling groundwater reserves and a strong dependence on rain-fed agriculture.

Over the past few decades, the country has been battling to mitigate the impact of climate change.

The two monsters that Morocco is combating are depleting groundwater and increased groundwater pollution. Many sources such as seawater intrusion, nitrate pollution and natural salinity changes are responsible for groundwater pollution, there is one source of groundwater pollution that contributes hugely to quality of water and one that can be controlled – the Pipes used for groundwater harvesting. The commonly used GI/ Stainless steel pipes rust over a few years adding to water pollution.

The entry of Vinyl Pipes in the Moroccan market will offer the Drilling companies a more environmentally friendly, long lasting, low maintenance, cost effective solution for pipes that will give clean water for 50+ years without adding to groundwater pollution. Vinyl uPVC pipes are designed to offer minimal friction to the water Hence, there is a lesser load on solar/ submersible pumps, saves electricity, increases the submersible pump’s life, yields cleaner & increased water output from the bore well.Thereafter, since Vinyl Pipes are recyclable, they have value at end of life too.

The Moroccan water-well industry will now have access, to the largest range of uPVC column pipes and casing pipes. At the onset, Vinyl Pipes will be available in 8 major cities in
Morocco through more than 15 outlets, 60 counters and 200 drillers. This network is expected to expand across the country over the next few months.

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“We are happy to expand our services to Morocco. It’s a privilege to be a part of the water management initiatives of the Moroccan market. Safe and effective use of water is necessary for crop production on agricultural lands. A good irrigation network comprises temporary as well as permanent conduits. Vinyl Pipes has the solution for all the irrigation problems. Our in-house R&D team focuses on providing high-quality pipes that bring distinct and valuable benefits to the industry. With Vinyl uPVC pipes, one can be assured of efficient water supply from the irrigation sources to your lands. Our products are also well-suited for pumping activities.”, says Saumya Jain, Managing Director, Vinyl Pipes at the announcement.

Vinyl Pipes are known for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Vinyl Column Pipes come with a patented power lock which serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it enables perfect alignment of the pipes, making them leak-proof. On the other hand, it lends support in load-bearing and torque stress-bearing as well. Thus, increasing the life & reliability of the pipes. Furthermore, all Vinyl Pipes undergo the Annealing process for alignment of all material. The process helps enhance the mechanical property of the pipe, adding years to its life.

About Vinyl Pipes
Vinyl Tubes Private Limited was started by Mr. Jaychand Jain in 1941, with the noble intent of making drinking water accessible to maximum people. In the last eight decades, the company has grown to offer the largest, strongest, safest, and most efficient range of eclectic uPVC pipes for all water applications, making it one of the biggest & most trusted suppliers from India.

The Vinyl range of pipes include well-casing pipes, pressure pipes, column pipes, screen pipes, and their respective fittings, which find application in irrigation, sanitation, housing, and drainage.

With the keen focus on operational excellence, customer orientation and product differentiation, Quality assurance at Vinyl is serious business. They are BIS, ISI, ISO, and CE certified. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Vinyl, holds a Management and production certificate from Six Sigma and Just In Time, Green practices compliance.

Vinyl manufactures from two units, one in Mathura & the other close to the port at Mithi Rohar, in Gandhidham, Gujarat. India