New oil discovery made in Ghana’s offshore

New oil discovery made in Ghana’s offshore

A new oil discovery has been made by Eni S.p.A. in CTP Block 4, offshore Ghana. The multinational oil and gas company made the announcement and said the discovery was made on Eban exploration prospect.

This follows the drilling of the Eban – 1X well, the second well drilled in CTP Block 4, about 50km off the coast of the West African country and about 8 kilometers Northwest of Sankofa Hub, where the John Agyekum Kufuor FPSO is sited.

The Eban – 1X well was drilled by the Saipem 10000 drilling ship to a water depth of 545 meters.  It reached a total depth of 4179 meters. The well availed a single light oil column of 80m or its thereabouts in a thick sandstone reservoir interval of Cenomanian age with hydrocarbons encountered down to 3949m.

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Comprehensive analysis

Comprehensive analysis of extensive 3D seismic datasets and well data acquisition including pressure measurements, fluid sampling, and intelligent formation testing with state-of-the-art technology, was used to assess the new oil discovery.

According to the assessment, the acquired pressure and fluid data i.e oil density and Gas-to-Oil Ratio, and reservoir properties, are consistent with the previous discovery of Akoma and the nearby Sankofa field.

The production testing data shows that the well has the potential to deliver approximately 5000 bopd, similar to the wells already in production at the Sankofa field. Preliminary estimates place the potential of the Eban-Akoma complex between 500 and 700 million barrels of oil equivalent. The estimated hydrocarbon present between the Sankofa field and the Eban-Akoma complex is now in excess of 1.1 Bboe. Further oil could even be confirmed with an additional appraisal well.