New Warman Submersible Pump simplifies abrasive solids handling

New Warman Submersible Pump simplifies abrasive solids handling
The Warman SSB-A pump was conceptualised and commercialised by Weir Minerals Africa.

The new, high chrome Warman® SSB-A submersible pump from Weir Minerals presents a versatile pump and robust solution for slurry and sludge removal.

“Conceptualised and commercialised by Weir Minerals Africa, the Warman® SSB-A pump is well suited for duty in Africa,” says Marnus Koorts, Product Manager – Pumps at Weir Minerals Africa.

Engineered for abrasive applications and for handling solid particles, the pump’s applications include mine dewatering, removing mill scale and cleaning up sumps as well as moving slurry, coal-pile run-off or dirty water with a solids content of up to 60% by volume. Koorts highlights that the pump can be moved easily between applications, so is ideal for dealing with temporary problems such as pipe bursts or leakage.

The hard-wearing design includes casting the casing, impeller and wear plates from Weir Minerals’ Ultrachrome® A05 high-chrome alloy, while the motor is designed for continuous and efficient operation though using the pumped media to assist in dissipating heat build-up in the motor windings.

The submersible pump offers a versatile pump for slurry and sludge removal.
The submersible pump offers a versatile pump for slurry and sludge removal.

“This durability enhances the range of applications in which the pump can be deployed, including even hardened slurry,” he says. “Customers will move the unit around extensively to wherever it is needed, so we designed the outer housing to avoid snagging by ensuring there are no points that could potentially hook or break as the pump is transported and operated.”

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The impeller radial load is balanced out by the opposing forces created by the twin-volute discharge. This stabilises the pump during operation, allowing it to be placed in any position without the risk of oscillating, he says. The design also optimises the life of the cantilevered shaft and its components.

“Users of the Warman SSB pump can also choose to run it in manual or the optional extra, in automatic mode,” Koorts says. “The automatic mode provides the convenience of self-monitoring water levels, switching on and off as required.”

Electrical control philosophies can be adapted to suit site applications, such as over-current protection, an earth leakage circuit breaker, while the safety delay feature can reduce the number of starts per hour.

“The robust, fit-for-purpose design makes this pump a reliable and cost-effective solution in a wide range of duties,” says Koorts. “It represents the ideal combination of wear resistant materials and specialist hydraulic engineering.”