Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project to begin in 2024

Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project to begin in 2024

The Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project has been slated to begin next year. Federal Government of Nigeria through Honourable Minister of State Petroleum Resources, RT. Honourable Ekperikpe Ekpo made the announcement during a meeting between the Minister of State Petroleum Resources and a delegation of Moroccan envoys led by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Nigeria, H.E Moha Ou Ali Tagma.

The pipeline’s journey starts at Brass Island in Nigeria and extends to the northern region of Morocco. It connects with the existing Maghreb European Pipeline, originating from Algeria and extending to Spain. The project spans 5,600 kilometers and passes through 13 African countries, linking Nigeria to West African nations, Morocco, and ultimately Europe.

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Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project

The existing pipeline within the corridor is currently 20 inches, but there is a proposal to increase its size to 46 inches after Togo. This expansion is intended to ensure a larger flow of gas, emphasizing the importance of natural gas as a cleaner energy source.

The Ambassador highlighted that the project is not solely about gas transportation but also aims to provide development opportunities for the countries situated between Nigeria and Morocco, contributing to energy supply in the region.

Nigeria, with its proven 209 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, expressed readiness and interest in the project. The country sees natural gas as a viable and low-carbon-emission option, particularly in the context of global discussions on climate change. The Minister highlighted the global focus on climate change and emphasized that natural gas is considered a reliable option with low carbon emissions.