Oil Dynamics appoints Danut Tudora as new Chief Operating Officer

Oil Dynamics GmbH clearly separates strategic and operative activities

Oil Dynamics appoints Danut Tudora as new Chief Operating Officer - COO

Recently, Oil Dynamics GmbH changed up its management team. This biggest alternation in the company history puts its organization development up on a new level.

The core of the changes was the separation of strategic and operative activities in Oil Dynamics. The strategic part (product development, market development and expansion, potential development and organizational development) will report directly to the CEO (Chief Operating Officer). This function will continue to be covered by Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of the German company. All operative activities of the company will, henceforth, report to the newly appointed COO (Chief Operating Officer). Based on a related shareholder decision, Danut Tudora has been appointed to take this responsibility. Long time experienced as petroleum engineer and manager in the industry, he joined the company two years ago.

For the Oil Dynamics GmbH itself the past months have been a significant challenge within all departments. In spite of this, significant progress was accomplished throughout the company. “And this dynamic development will continue in 2024,” emphasizes Schulz. “It is not without proud that we can report at this early hour of the new year the conclusion of a five-year frame agreement with OMV Petrom.

The frame agreement appoints OD as supplier and service provider for all ESP systems in Romania during those years.” Similar, albeit smaller, progress can be reported from all other geographical areas where the Germany company is present. “All of these success stories provide the foundation for ongoing development and expansion of our activities in the years to come”, he continued. “The owners and the Management Team of Oil Dynamics have made it clear that we will continue to develop the company along the lines of our successful DNA.”

Oil Dynamics GmbH is a German artificial lift specialist, founded by a group of experienced professionals with extensive, background in the oil and pump industries. Its new GEO DYNAMICS division takes care of requests from the geothermal, water, spa and lithium sectors. From the onset, the team works on a close and trustful basis with its clients and suppliers aiming to create value and develop long-term relations and long-lasting solutions for the individual needs of each client and project. Supporting the global pursuit to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, optimized performance and sustainable technologies stand in the focus of the companies engineering effort. In addition to own designs, Oil Dynamics integrates technologies from global champions into efficient artificial lift or horizontal pumping systems. Related to its internally developed quality system OD tests each individual equipment and the system integrity before delivering the products to customers.