Operations of Jalu Gas production plant in Libya commences

Operations of Jalu Gas production plant in Libya commences

Operations at the Jalu Gas production plant in Libya has commenced. The Waha Oil Company announced the return to service following approximately an 18-month stoppage.

The company affirmed that relevant maintenance work involving nitrogen and oxygen at Jalu oilfield have been completed despite the shortage of spare parts, an obstacle which the workers overcame through due diligence and hard work, according to the media office.

The plant has been closed due to maintenance and despite the lack of spare parts and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing delays, maintenance work has been finalized. The production plant’s reopening is expected to significantly increase the country’s gas production capacity, boosting economic growth and industrialization.

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Libyan economical revenue

The reopening also represents part of the continuous efforts to rehabilitate the service and production facilities in the company’s fields. With a governmental agenda to significantly increase oil and gas production through increased investment and the rehabilitation of existing projects, the reopening will contribute to national objectives while reigniting sectoral growth.

The oil and gas exportation contributes to the most of the Libyan economical revenue. Some industrial sectors in Libya essentially rely on this oil. One major sector is electricity generation which uses gas and fuel to operate the turbines in the generation stations. Libya currently produces energy of 33 TWH to meet the demand on the local electricity market.