ReconAfrica finds oil and gas indicators at its first well onshore in Namibia

ReconAfrica finds oil and gas indicators at its first well onshore in Namibia

Canadian oil and gas company ReconAfrica announced to have found oil and gas indicators and shows over three intervals at its first well onshore Namibia. ReconAfrica’s board member Dan Jarvie made the announcement and said that the components and processes for a working petroleum system are all present.

“The 6-2 well found more than 200 mertes of indicators and shows indicated ‘migrated, thermogenic petroleum’ had been found over three intervals in the Kavango Basin well.  The mud gas results indicate a high BTU gas with the presence of light oil in numerous cutting samples,” said Dan Jarvie.

The company is now moving its drilling rig to the second site, the 6-1 location, which is 16 km from 6-2. The company said it would drill this next well to follow up petroleum systems found at the first well.

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Valuable energy resource

ReconAfrica will drill to a depth of 3,810 metres while Core Laboratories, GeoMark Research and Netherland Sewell & Associates (NSAI) are assisting in analysing the results from the well.

According to Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy Thomas Alweendo, the well confirmed the big potential for a very valuable energy resource for our country and therefore a significant development for Namibia onshore exploration efforts.

“The positive results of this well have provided us with the critical information required to unlock the country’s petroleum prospectivity and is the first step in the process of locating significant accumulations, we can now confidently confirm Namibia is endowed with an active onshore petroleum basin,” said Mr Alweendo.