SolarAfrica Energy launches 1 GW solar farm project in South Africa

SolarAfrica Energy launches 1 GW solar farm project in South Africa

SolarAfrica Energy has launched construction of 1 GW solar farm project in South Africa. David McDonald, CEO of SolarAfrica Energy performed the launched the project which marks a significant step in South Africa’s renewable energy landscape.

The project is the firm’s first utility-scale solar farm. Dubbed the SunCentral solar farm, the project will be developed in the Northern Cape. With a capacity of 342 MW in Phase 1 and a planned total of 1 GW, it stands as one of the country’s largest solar projects.

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Partnerships and investment

Key partnerships with Eskom, Proconics, and Sinohydro play crucial roles in the project’s execution, highlighting the importance of collaboration in addressing power generation challenges. Soventix will continue to develop Phases 2 and 3. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms Proconics and Sinohydro will play crucial roles, with Proconics handling the installation of the Main Transmission Substation (MTS) and Sinohydro managing the installation of over 500,000 solar panels.

The project not only enhances the national grid but also supports local communities through CSR initiatives aligned with strategic objectives and sustainable development goals. By providing affordable, green energy via wheeling, SunCentral aims to help South African businesses mitigate rising electricity costs and achieve sustainability goals.

With a significant investment of nearly US $269M the project has already secured key customers and is poised to expand its impact through subsequent phases and additional solar projects, aiming for a generation portfolio of over 3 GW.

“We are poised to harness this potential fully, contributing to a sustainable energy supply for our customers and broader communities,” said McDonald.