Swiss 3PRS wins drinking water concession in Congo

Swiss 3PRS wins drinking water concession in Congo

3 P Renewables Switzerland (3PRS), through its Congolese subsidiary- 3PRS Congo Pointe Noire, has effective signed a public-private partnership (PPP) with the Congolese government, for the rehabilitation and strengthening of water production and distribution infrastructure for drinking water from the city of Pointe Noire.

3PRS CONGO Pointe-Noire has been delegated management for the development and operation of new drinking water production infrastructure from Gambouissi Lake, located in Pointe Noire city.  has just obtained the signature of the Concession and Purchase of Drinking Water Contracts.

The BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer) type public service concession contract for a period of 22 1⁄2 years was signed by the Government of the Republic of Congo, represented by the Minister of State in charge of the Public Portfolio, the Minister of Finance and Budget, the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director of La Congolaise Des Eaux SA. The PPA contract was signed between La Congolaise Des Eaux SA and the company 3PRS SA and its subsidiary under Congolese law, 3PRS Congo Pointe Noire.

The capacity of the pumping and drinking water production facilities of 10,950,000 m3 / year (30,000 m3 / day) will thus strengthen the drinking water supply needs of the population of the city of Pointe Noire.

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The project corresponds to the design and construction of two AQUABLOC® type compact stations with a total capacity of 1,500 m3 / h, three storage tanks with a total capacity of 4,500 m3, the renovation of an existing reservoir of 5,000 m3, the laying of 460 km of pipelines for the extension of the primary, secondary, tertiary networks and of 20,000-meter connections, constructions and ancillary and related equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the installations.

The facilities will be supplied from the energy network of the public company E2C and secured by a hydropower plant (photovoltaic panels and thermal group) corresponding to the “Green” commitment of 3PRS SA.

The Mongokampa site on which the 5,000 m3 semi-underground reservoir is located, which will be rehabilitated, will be provided with a Commercial Agency of La Congolaise Des Eaux SA. 3PRS Congo Pointe Noire will operate the raw water pumping, drinking water production and booster station facilities for the entire duration of the contract.

La Congolaise Des Eaux SA will ensure the distribution of drinking water to Subscribers, as well as the maintenance of the transfer and distribution networks. The project promoter, 3PRS SA is aiming for other projects in the Republic of Congo for which the APD studies have already been carried out and undergoing technical presentation to La Congolaise Des Eaux SA and its supervisory ministry, the Ministry of Energy. and Hydraulics.