Tanzania’s Mwanga-Same-Korogwe mega water project contract terminated

Tanzania’s Mwanga-Same-Korogwe mega water project contract terminated

Project contract for the Mwanga-Same-Korogwe mega water project in Tanzania has been terminated by the country’s government citing breach of the contract by the sub-contractor.

Minister for Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso, after inspecting the project announced the report and said that M.A. Kharafi & Sons, the contractors had failed to honor the binding agreement, including the timeframe for the completion of the project which started in 2014 and was expected to be completed by 2017.

M.A. Kharafi and Sons was one of the two construction companies awarded the contract to implement the mega water project. The other company is Badr East Africa Enterprises Limited which has been contracted to construct the water distribution infrastructures in the project.

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Mwanga-Same-Korogwe mega water project

The Mwanga-Same-Korogwe mega water project covers 37 villages and two small towns with a total population of 126,422. Due to the large scope of the project and its cost, it was decided to implement the project in two phases.

Phase 1 covers the construction of intake, treatment, raw water pumping station, clear water pumping station, a storage tank at Kisangara, gravity main and service reservoirs to the 9 villages of Ruvu Mferejini Ruvu, Jiungeni, Handeni, Lang’ata Bora, Lang’ata Kagongo, Nyabinda, Kiti Cha Mungu Njia, Panda and Kirya.

Phase 2 covers the construction of a water pumping station at Kisangara, a storage tank at Kiverenge, gravity main, and service reservoirs to the rest of 28 villages and 2 small towns. Jumaa Aweso said that the government will use its experts to carry out other activities as far as the project is concerned, while at the same time making every effort to find another contractor to complete the remaining works in the project.

He also called upon the management of Badr East Africa Enterprises Limited to play their part to accelerate the project’s implementation and accomplish it by March this year, as stipulated in the contract.