Togo launches tender for solar plant, storage system project

Togo launches tender for solar plant, storage system project

The Regional Emergency Solar Energy Intervention Project (RESPITE) led by the Republic of Togo has launched tender for photovoltaic power Plant and storage system.

The tender which aligns with Togo’s goals of enhancing energy capabilities in the country, are invited for the design, supply, and installation of the photovoltaic system. The procurement of a Photovoltaic Power Plant and Storage System will be conducted through international competition, following the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations.

Interested bidders must submit technical and financial proposals separately to the RESPITE Coordination Unit in Monrovia, Liberia, by June 4, 2024. They must provide a Declaration of Bid Guarantee valid for 150 days from the submission deadline.

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Bidding procedure

Successful bidders will need to disclose beneficial ownership information during the contract award process. Interested parties can obtain tender documents from the RESPITE Coordination Unit in Monrovia upon payment of a non-refundable fee of $200 USD via bank transfer. Bids must adhere to the specified deadlines and procedures outlined in the tender notice.

In the recent years, an effort has been made for the electrification of major cities of the country, but the rural electrification is still challenging. Most of the electricity produced domestically is based on hydropower and fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are already present in the country’s electricity generation capacity and have been experiencing great growth for several years.

Most of the demand is also imported from the countries of the sub-region including Ghana, Nigeria, and Cote d’Ivoire through an interconnection network. However, the continuity of the electricity supply service is not guaranteed and constitutes a challenge for the national company CEET in charge of distribution.