Togo to build 17 boreholes across Maritime and Plateaux regions

Togo to build 17 boreholes across Maritime and Plateaux regions

The government of Togo has announced plans to construct 17 boreholes to spread across 17 villages of Maritime and Plateaux regions.

The project falls under government’s five-year roadmap to cover 85% of the population’s drinking water needs by 2025. Overall the access rates are still very low. National data shows that only one-third of the population has access to an improved source of drinking water and to improved sanitation facilities.

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Constant water supply

The future water installations will be equipped with photovoltaic solar panels as a move to ensure continued operation even during power outages, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and resilience.

The Agence nationale d’appui au développement à la base (Anadeb), which is responsible for implementing the national grassroots policy defined by the Togolese government, is developing the water project. The organisation has issued a call for tenders for the construction of 17 solar wells in the Maritime and Plateaux regions. Interested companies have until 7 March 2024 to apply.

The company selected will receive funding of about US $15M from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) to carry out all the work on the sites identified in the 17 villages in the two target regions. The work will be carried out as part of the Hybridization of Diesel Engines on Multifunctional Platforms with Solar Systems Project (PHMD – PTFM).