Turkish firm ENKA, Siemens to build power plants in Libya

Turkey’s ENKA, Siemens to build 1,321 MW power plants in Libya

Turkish energy firm, ENKA, in consortium with Siemens will soon start the construction of 1,321 MW Simple Cycle Power Plants in Libya.

The contracts for the two power plants, 650 MW in Misrata and Tripoli West 671 MW, had been signed with the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) to meet the growing electricity demand in Libya.

According to ENKA, the Misrata project is based on a power island configuration for two SGT5-PAC 4000F Siemens combustion turbine generator units, whereas the Tripoli West project is based on a power island configuration for four SGT5-PAC 2000E Siemens combustion turbine generator units.

The turbines of the plants will be dual-fuel fired with light fuel oil and natural gas. Power will be generated and stepped up through the main transformers to the grid.

The two projects are planned to be completed in 2022.

ENKA has been present in Libya for almost 50 years developing mega-scale projects from industrial and power plants to building projects and critical infrastructure.

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The Turkish company has other energy projects in Libya, including a 640-MW capacity gas turbine power plant in Ubari in central Libya which was tested for connection to the Libyan power grid in October 2017, but has since failed to start operating due to political instability and civil wars in the region.

ENKA, also a construction and engineering company, has completed 3 power plants in Libya, 24 urban development and housing, 6 infrastructure and 24 industrial projects including cement and desalination plants across the country.

The firm attributes its project delivery successes to a proven capability and significant experience working in challenging environments with lack of infrastructure and under extremely harsh climatic conditions.

Another Turkish firm, Karadeniz Holding, has proposed to supply electricity to the western part of Libya. A technical team from the company visited Libya last year to present the proposal.

Karadeniz Holding runs a fleet of floating power generators known as power ships which plug into electricity grids after berthing. The company target the Libyan-produced diesel and natural gas to deliver as much as 1,000 MWh.