Türkiye, Somalia ink energy deal

Türkiye, Somalia ink energy deal

Türkiye and Somalia have inked a deal aimed at collaborating on the exploration, evaluation, development, and production of oil in Somalia’s land and sea blocks.

The agreement emphasizes joint activities to utilize Somalia’s resources for the benefit of the Somali people. It aims to strengthen Turkey’s presence in the Horn of Africa through energy-related collaborations.

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Scope of agreement

The deal encompasses various aspects of the energy sector, including transportation, distribution, refining, sales, and services operations of oil and other products from land and sea projects. Prior to the energy deal, Turkey had signed a defense and economic cooperation agreement with Somalia in February. This agreement includes providing maritime security support to help Somalia defend its territorial waters.

Turkey has been a significant investor in Somalia’s education, infrastructure, and health sectors. Additionally, Turkey has provided extensive humanitarian aid to Somalia. Turkey maintains a strong diplomatic presence in Somalia, with its largest embassy in Mogadishu. Furthermore, Turkey has established its largest overseas military facility in Mogadishu to train the Somali national army.

“With this agreement, we will carry out joint activities to bring the resources of Somalia to the Somali people. We aim to strengthen Türkiye’s presence in the Horn of Africa with new collaborations in the field of energy,” Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar said.