Why Uganda’s NSWC is taking over Rukungiri water supply project

Why Uganda’s NSWC is taking over the Rukungiri water supply project

Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NSWC) has made a decision to take over the Rukungiri water supply and sanitation project effectively dumping Technofab Engineering, the contractor of the project.

According to NSWC, the contracted company has barely completed 35% of the project awarded in July 2016.  Five years later, the project which was expected to be complete by September 2017, is far from it.

The Rukungiri water supply project, in the western Uganda, will now be completed by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NSWC), this is according to the Managing Director, Silver Mugisha, who recently made the information public. Mugisha expressed his resentment at the slow progress by the now former contractor.

Residents of Rukungiri district have decried the slow pace of the project which was mainly aimed at improving access to water and sanitation services in the region.  The population has been receiving who receive only 600 cubic metres of water per day against the daily demand of 3,000 cubic metres.

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The scope of works for Rukungiri water supply system (Phase 1) includes; Construction of new intake at Kahengye River, three Raw water rising pumping mains (uPVC DN250), Construction of new water treatment plant at Kabingo village, Kebisoni, Construction of 700m3 RCC master balancing Reservoir at Mukazi Hill, Construction of admin, power and generator & Electro-mechanical workshop building, Laying of 39Km of distribution mains (DN400, DN300, DN 250 & DN200 uPVC)

While Phase 2 includes; Construction of 1000m3 and 300m3 RCC Reservoirs at Rwanyakashesha and Bwoma respectively, Construction of 400m3, 200m3, & 100m3 RCC reservoirs in Buyanja, Kebisoni and Rwerere, Laying of 20Km of distribution mains and Construction of a lagoon.

Upon completion, the Rukungiri water supply project will provide more than 120,000 people in Rukungiri district with 9,600 m3 of water per day.

The Water Supply project is jointly financed by the World Bank and the Government of Uganda to the tune of more than US $400 million.