Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence

The intelligent system solution for a smart sewage pump station

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence is the ultimate solution to pumping untreated sewage. This pumping  is becoming increasingly demanding due to the growing prevalence of solids and fibrous material which, in turn, leads to increased operating costs.

The new Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence is characterised by operational reliability, energy efficiency and the highest level of digital networking. The smart combination for cost effectiveness combined with the additional convenience in your day-to-day work.


  • Maximum operational reliability and reduced service costs, especially for pumping untreated sewage, thanks to self-cleaning properties
  • Lower energy costs thanks to high hydraulic efficiency and up to IE5 motor technology in wet and dry well installation (based on IEC TS 60034-30-2)
  • Corrosion protection provided by an optional Ceram coating for a long service life in aggressive media
  • An optional Digital Data Interface (DDI) with integrated vibration monitoring, data logger, web server and digital rating plate for convenient monitoring and system integration
  • Nexos Intelligence can be integrated for pump and system optimisation

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q is Water 4.0

Water 4.0 is the key word that sums up intelligent, connected systems as the fourth level of the water sector revolution. It is putting the spotlight on digitalisation and automation with the objective of: Enabling a future-proof water infrastructure with the environment and water circuit through connecting water users with components.  High transparency for water users, meeting current needs.

  • Connectivity and the transfer and analysis of data are key elements of Water 4.0.
    In the sewage pump station, reliability, efficiency and convenient connectivity are currently the main focus.
  • The integrated Nexos Intelligence takes account of digitalisation and automation by recognising clogging and starting rinsing cycles automatically.
  • The Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence combines the latest developments in hydraulics, motor technology and electrics with intelligent control software.
  • It is characterised by operational reliability, energy efficiency and the highest level of digital networking.
  • Connecting with the communication network via in-built Ethernet interface with standard network protocols and control through integrated web servers.
  • Remote monitoring and documentation of pumps, maintenance and sensor data through the Digital Data Interface.
  • It can manage a pumping station with up to four pumps independently in a master/slave arrangement and includes an automatic mode for reducing pipe friction losses and energy-optimised control.
  • With the Ethernet interface, installed in the pump for the very first time, the system can communicate with other components of the smart sewage pump station and pass on the data for further analysis to a control system or cloud.