Mine adds another Sykes dewatering pump to solve flooding

Mine adds another Sykes dewatering pump to solve flooding
A second Sykes XH150 dewatering pump set is working at the same mine in the Northern Cape.

When heavy rains flooded a Northern Cape mine recently, it was the tried-and-tested Sykes XH150 dewatering pump from Integrated Pump Rental that once again came to the rescue.

The mine, which already had one of these units in operation, signed a long-term contract for a second unit – replacing a competitor’s product on site. In response to the rains, the pump was required to dewater a flooded area at a 100 metre static head pumping a distance of 1,8 km though a 250 mm pipeline.

“The ingress of water into the mine could cause major issues, so effective and efficient dewatering is critical to ensure productivity and safety,” says Andre Strydom, rental development manager at Integrated Pump Rental. “The Sykes XH150 has an established reputation as a hardworking, reliable dewatering pump, which is a key reason why many customers in the mining sector specify this pump for challenging dewatering applications.”

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Known for its rapid response to urgent calls from customers, Integrated Pump Rental was able to deliver technical assistance and ensure an appropriate pump solution for the application. Both Sykes dewatering pumps provided to the mine are mounted on a double-axle, heavy-duty site trailers, allowing for rapid transportation to site and quick installation.

“The Sykes XH150 pump offers automatic priming and solids handling capability,” says Strydom. “It also has one of the best shaft stiffness ratios of any automatic priming pump on the market.”

The pump can be primed with long suction hoses and can manage suction lifts of up to nine metres. Low fuel consumption is another important benefit, adding to the pump’s cost effectiveness when used for dewatering over extended periods of time.

“The pump’s ability to operate in ‘snore’ conditions accommodates applications where suction levels fluctuate,” he says. “It can also run dry for extended periods, thanks to the oil bath mechanical seal assembly.”