Togo to construct 25MW solar plant

Togo to construct 25MW solar plant

Togo has announced plans to construct a 25MW solar power plant. The Regional Urgent Intervention Project in the Solar Energy Sector (RESPITE) made the announcement and said the move aims in enhancing access to clean and sustainable energy in the country.

The project’s scope, includes the design, supply, and installation of a 25 MWp solar power plant backed by a 40 MWh battery storage system in Dapaong in northern Togo. The project is the subject of an international call for tenders which closes on 4 June 2024.

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RESPITE program

Once operational, this facility is poised to provide electricity to at least 60 localities in the Savanes region, thereby improving energy access and driving socio-economic development. The financing provided by the International Development Association (IDA), the concessional arm of the World Bank Group, underscores the global commitment to supporting renewable energy projects in the region. With US $60M allocated for the Togolese phase alone, and a total of US $311M released for the RESPITE project in 2023, significant resources are being mobilized to accelerate the deployment of solar energy solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Furthermore, the broader implementation of the RESPITE program across multiple countries, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Chad, highlights the collaborative effort to address energy challenges and promote sustainable development regionally. By leveraging solar photovoltaic energy and battery-based storage systems, as well as expanding hydroelectric capacity and improving electricity distribution infrastructure, the RESPITE initiative aims to catalyze positive change and enhance energy security across participating nations.