Top 6 borehole water pump brands in Kenya

Top 5 borehole water pump in Kenya

Drilled boreholes are vital to achieving universal, clean drinking water and meeting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.1, particularly in Africa. Over 75% of the African population is estimated to depend on ground water. The reliance on groundwater has made water well drilling extremely important to assure drinking water access in Africa, and professionalism is needed to ensure that boreholes are of high quality.

So, the borehole is drilled and now it’s time to install a pump.

First, it’s important to understand that choosing a pump is a very important step in getting the most value out of your borehole.

Other than the purpose, a reputable pump installer would consider the brand when selecting a pump for a borehole installation. The aim is for the end-user to understand why a particular brand of pump has been selected for the borehole.

Why is a brand important when selecting the right pump for your borehole?

While the initial cost of the pump is an important consideration, the lifespan cost of owning the borehole installation should also be considered.

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Certain pump brands are very popular among users. The popularity can be attributed to various factors including the manufacturers history, the quality of product, the market penetration of the brand, easy availability of spare parts, pricing, after-sale services, technicians’ knowledge of the product among other factors.

In East Africa and Kenya in particular, the following are the top 6 brands in water pumps for boreholes:

Wilo Pumps
Wilo SE is a prominent German manufacturer specializing in pumps and pump system solutions for building services, water management, and the industrial sector, operates globally, including regions such as East Africa.

Wilo has now set up a fully functional hub with an assembly plant and ISO 9906 Grade 1B test bench to serve the East Africa region, offering a variety of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of the market, including water supply, sewage treatment, and irrigation systems which are critical for the region. The company focuses on providing energy-efficient solutions to help tackle the challenges of water management and supply in areas affected by climatic variations and economic constraints.

With the WILO East Africa headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, the entity has local branches or partnerships in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Through these local entities, Wilo ensures the availability of their products, services, and parts across the region. They also provide technical support and consultancy services to help with the planning and implementation of both small-scale and large-scale projects.

To find specific information on products, services, or local contacts in East Africa, visit the Wilo website or contact their customer service.

Pedrollo Water Pumps
The product development, design and production of Pedrollo water pumps remain proudly ‘Made in Italy’. The extensive ranges of Pedrollo pumps cover most agricultural, domestic and industrial applications and are constantly evolving to remain some of the most efficient available. The Italian company focusing on quality and reliability.

The Pedrollo Water Pumps are common in Kenya, from watering gardens, farming, refilling outdoor storage tanks.  water pumps are critical to the supply of our most precious resource.

Pedrollo pumps are ideal for direct electric drive or through an inverter from solar power systems.  Well-designed system resulting in low cost of ownership, meaning low power requirements, low maintenance and a long operating life.

The Pedrollo brand has over the years proved to be a stable brand of water pump that should not be necessary to ever need to completely. Its correctly designed units will operate trouble free for many years.

PEDROLLO BOREHOLE-PUMP is suitable for use with clean water with a sand content of no more than 150 g/m³. As a result of their high efficiency and reliability, they are suitable for use in domestic, civil and industrial applications such as for the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for irrigation, for washing plants and for pressure boosting in fire-fighting sets, etc.

Grundfos Pumps
Through its 83 companies, Grundfos are directly accessible in 56 countries, and through a network of partners, distributors and sub-dealers, the presence is in even more.

Based in Denmark, Grundfos is a full range supplier of pumps and pump solutions. As a renowned pump manufacturer, Grundfos delivers efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions using as little energy as possible when doing it.

Grundfos is present worldwide making its brand well known locally and internationally.

In Kenya and across the globe, Grundfos supplies a broad range of pumps for submerged pump installation in groundwater and surface water pumping stations for water supply applications.

Through Grundfos Kenya Ltd, the company supplies a wide array of products, pump solutions and services for all applications.

Dayliff Submersible Pumps
There is no doubt The Davis & Shirtliff Group is the leading supplier of water related equipment in the East African region since 1946.

The business activities are focused on seven principal product sectors – Water Pumps, Boreholes Solutions, Swimming Pools, Water Treatment, Generators, Solar Equipment and Irrigation. The group is Kenyan based and operates through a network of Kenyan branches, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, DRC, Zimbabwe and a partnership in Ethiopia.

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Davis & Shirtliff regionally distributes high quality equipment sourced from a number of industry leading companies from around the world as well as carrying out manufacture and assembly of various water related products.

The DAYLIFF DI/DIN pump range are of non-self-priming vertical multistage in-line centrifugal design suitable for a wide range of water supply, irrigation, liquid transfer and boosting applications. The pumps are of heavy-duty construction and designed for continuous duty in commercial and industrial installations. All DIN pumps feature AISI 316 stainless steel vital components in contact with water including the impellers, intermediate chambers, shaft and top and bottom housings and are suitable for pumping highly mineralized corrosive water. DI pumps feature cast iron top and bottom housing and other components are AISI 304 stainless steel. All pumps are water lubricated and are provided with a standard cartridge type mechanical seal. They are supplied complete with BSP internally threaded counter flanges.

Powered by technology and the spirit of innovation, C.R.I. has always set the benchmark when it comes to quality and performance. C.R.I. has what it takes experience, expertise, commitment and a clear vision to be a precursor of change, an innovator of new technologies and a standard bearer for quality.

C.R.I. is a multi-winged organization that produces different varieties of pumps and motors that are engineered to be perfection. The name C.R.I. itself encapsulates the company ethos: “Commitment, Reliability, Innovation” and it has now become a household name associated with pumping solutions.

C.R.I.Pumps are the products of the expertise gained from over 55 years of experience in producing over 1500 different varieties of pumps and motors that are engineered to perfection. They cater to all the requirements of the water industry making them a renowned name in over 120 countries across the globe.

LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops.

Founded in Germany during 1993 LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping.

LORENTZ design, develop and manufacture the widest range of solar pumps of any company. Mechanical, electronic and software design is all in-house with a specialized team that have been working in solar pumping for 20 years. The design activities are focused in the Global Headquarters and Technology Center just outside of Hamburg, Germany.

LORENTZ products are built for off-grid, rural and often hostile environments hence the company designs and builds products that are efficient, reliable and simple to service if anything should ever go wrong.

Today LORENTZ is active in over 130 countries through a dedicated network of professional partners. The LORENTZ products are only sold through partners who are informed, trained, supported and are able to meet the specific needs of customers locally.

Lorentz pumps feature highly efficient brushless 3 phase motors, which run ‘wet’ and so there are no rubber motor seals to fail. Extremely robust stainless-steel components and experienced design ensures many years of reliable service. With extremely low running costs, these pumping systems are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. Lorentz pumping systems come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.