Underpinning mining operations in Africa with pumping solutions

Underpinning mining operations in Africa with pumping solutions
Grindex pumps are backed by a 30-month warranty, highlighting the confidence that mining engineers place in these pumping solutions.

Integrated Pump Technology is significantly enhancing mining operations across South and sub-Saharan Africa through its innovative pumping solutions and strategic distributor partnerships. The company has established itself as the go-to source for durable, high performance Grindex pumps since its inception as the official distributor in 2014.

With a keen focus on mine drainage and slurry applications, Integrated Pump Technology has expanded its reach beyond South Africa, ensuring that mining operations throughout the continent have access to top-tier pumping solutions. This expansion is largely attributed to the company’s unique approach to distributorship, which emphasises local support and technical expertise.

Central to Integrated Pump Technology’s success is its dedication to building a skills-based distributor network. This initiative ensures that each major mining area is supported by specialists capable of providing localised assistance. “Our strategy involves integrating technically trained sales representatives who understand the unique challenges and needs of their respective regions,” explains Jordan Marsh, Managing Director at Integrated Pump Technology.

From its headquarters near OR Tambo Airport in South Africa, the company extends advanced support, empowering distributors to offer comprehensive after-sales service, maintenance and technical support.

The company’s commitment to local empowerment extends to its support for B-BBEE initiatives and adherence to the Mining Charter’s localisation requirements. Integrated Pump Technology is proactive in providing on-site technical training to both distributors and end-users, aiming to enhance local skills and employment prospects.

Grindex pumps, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, are at the heart of Integrated Pump Technology’s product offering. These world class submersible pumps are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of African mines, featuring built-in smart devices for enhanced operational safety. Marsh says that Grindex pumps are backed by a 30-month warranty, highlighting the confidence that mining engineers place in these pumping solutions.

The well-respected Godwin range of diesel-driven pumps was recently added to the company’s product offering, and Jordan explains that these pumps are ideal for use by customers wanting to deploy a robust pumping solution in locations where electricity is not available

Integrated Pump Technology’s expertise extends beyond standard offerings, with a dedicated engineering team capable of designing custom solutions to tackle complex dewatering challenges. This flexibility and commitment to excellence have positioned the company as a leader in the dewatering pump sector, ready to support mines through performance efficiency improvements.

“As Integrated Pump Technology looks to the future, our own team as well as our strategically placed distributors are identifying numerous opportunities for growth and development” Marsh concludes. “Our extensive sales and support network stands ready to meet the evolving needs of the mining industry across Africa.”