Welland Power receives visit from Cummins Generator Technologies management team

Diesel Generators in Welland Power UK Factory

Cummins Generator Technologies, the division of the American conglomerate, Cummins Inc, today visited the internationally known UK generator manufacturer Welland Power Limited with the entire global leadership team for a meeting. The entire leadership team consisted of sales managers from each region of the world. Cummins generator technologies provide a range of high quality alternators into marine and industrial applications, branded as either Stamford or AVK. The Welland Power range of  diesel Generators, all made in the UK use Stamford Branded alternators as standard, reinforcing the brand value of the Welland Product.

Welland Power Diesel GeneratorsWithin the range of diesel generators Welland Power has two main lines, the Perkins Diesel generators and the Baudouin Diesel Generators, both offer exceptional quality to the end user and provide a powerful option to allow the customer to select the product most suited to their needs. The complete range runs from 10kVA to 3000kVA as a single unit, but systems up to 60,000 kVA are possible by combining the power of multiple units into one feed – called paralleling.

At the meeting was Scott Strudwick, Cristi Rila (GM AvK), Trevor French (Director Global marketing & Strategy), Shreyas Patel (GM Americas) , Soh Leng Leng (GM APAC), Bruce Chen (GM China), Bhalchandra Karmarkar (GM India), Guy Baxter (CPG global account manager), Pete Harrison (Global order management leader), Michael McWilliams (Welland Power Account Manager), James Connell (GM, EMEA) as well as Welland Power MD Charlie Farrow and Sales Manager Oliver Peacock.

Scott Strudwick also presented Welland Power with an award for our business across the last 70 years, delivering out products to over 100 countries, such as Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Angola, South Africa, Lebanon and the UAE, showing that Welland Power is a global brand.