Best Water Tanks in Kenya – with contacts

8 Best Water Tanks in Kenya - with contacts

Selecting a suitable water storage infrastructure or water tanks for your needs can be daunting and yet good quality tanks are not cheap, so the decision should be well considered before purchasing. Here are some of the best water tanks in Kenya.

  1. Roto Tanks

Roto Tanks have a number of advantages. They cost less than welded mild steel tanks, galvanized tanks, pressed steel tanks, concrete and masonry tanks. Roto Tanks are very economical in the long run.

They are made from LDPE/HDPE approved food grade polyethylene material and are non-toxic and non-absorbent. They do not impart any taste or odour.

Roto Tanks are non-corrosive hence low maintenance. They do not require painting or any treatment. They are also moulded in a single piece without seams, joints or welds. The homogenous structures make them completely leak proof, hence minimizing losses due to shut down.

They have been Insulated to keep water warm or cool for a longer time than steel/concrete tanks. They are also Weather Proof – they have tough and durable outer walls, which are resistant to any corrosive exposures.

Their Light Weight makes them portable.

Contacts: 0733589611/ 0733600203

  1. Top Tank

Toptank is manufactured in Kenya using the rotational moulding process and produced from food grade polyethylene. It has been approved by Kenya Bureau of Standards and has also been awarded the Diamond mark, reflecting the quality of its products and excellent performance.

Toptank provides water storage solutions for all needs. Africa’s first antimicrobial tanks are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from 100 to 24,000 liters.

Toptank manufactures other products such as flower buckets but the common factors for all products are that they are unmatched in design, quality and suitable for all budgets.

Contacts: +254 (0)20 3939000, +254 (0)20 3939222

  1. Jojo Tanks

Jojo tanks are quality controlled and are manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene. The food-grade material ensures no taste or smell and an extra-long product life.

The tanks are used by a range of customers – from the water conscious city dwellers to the rural community relying on tanks for water & liquid storage needs. These tanks are used in a variety of industries, including farming, rainwater harvesting, mining, wastewater and chemical handling throughout Africa.

Jojo Tanks are a simple, low cost rainwater catchment systems that are a great value and can come with everything you need to connect to the downspouts on your house. They are also an excellent, low cost alternative to larger and more involved underground rainwater storage tank installations.

Contacts: 0713483445/ 0731293861

  1. Kentank

Kentank storage tank is polyethylene roto molded tank and Kenya’s leading brand for the storage of water, food and grain manufactured by Kentainers. The company additionally manufactures biogas digesters and dry sanitation off grid toilets.

Kentank storage tank allows for the controlled delivery of water resource for a variety of applications including farming, sanitation and drinking water.

The Kentank underground static water tank prices range between KES 33,500 to KES 108,000 in Kenya. Besides, you can get septic tanks at KES 38,750 to KES 108,000, depending on the capacity.

Contacts: +254 020 251 9098 / 251 9099
Mobile: +245 733 206 378

  1. Techno Tanks

Techno-Tanks, a product of TECHNO-PLAST Ltd, has become one of the leading plastic water tanks in Kenya. The roto moulded tanks are the best quality tanks manufactured from 100% virgin material giving the longest possible life span. Techno tanks have an inner layer of special UV stabilized material giving the tank anti-microbial properties.

you can get the Techno tanks price list in Kenya on their website:

Contacts: 0720 622 222 / 0720 511 111

  1. Vectus Tanks

Vectus tanks are made using the rotational moulding process but with new technology and machinery for better quality tanks with more efficiency and greater outputs.

The UV stabilized and food grade polyethylene material enables Vectus tanks to store any substance within the food industry. Food grade material ensures no contamination of products stored inside the tank.

UV stabilized material prevents direct sunlight from entering into the tank therefore reducing the chance of contamination of stored products.

The tanks are made of polyethylene with a high density of elasticity which are processed with a state-of-the-art machine for the correct strength and flexibility. Strength allows for the endurance to all weather while flexibility allows the tank to accommodate for varying levels of pressure from products stored in the tank.

The plastic polyethylene material is corrosion and rust free, adding to the long life of the tank.

Contacts: +254-715-750-633/+254-715-101-061

  1. Jumbo Tanks

Jumbo Tanks quality has proven to be strong and can with stand all types of weather across Kenya. The tanks life spans over 35 years and that comes with 16 years warranty in writing.

Jumbo Tanks are manufactured by Astral Industries Limited, a private company in Kenya that also manufactures a wide range of products which include Panels Tanks structures, Steel structures, Fuel Tanks, Hot water Cylinders, Plastic Molded tanks, general fabricator and regular service maintenance.

The cylindrical plastic Jumbo water tanks between 300 litres to 24,000 litres cost KES 2, 700 to KES 284,700. Besides, you can get various options of loft tanks between 250 litres and 1,000 litres which cost KES 4,200 to KES 11,240. The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks have a capacity of 3,000 litres to 49,000 litres.

Contacts: 0714714171, 0789528340

  1. Skyplast Tanks

Skyplast tanks are the most used tanks in many Kenyan households. They come in various sizes that are easily portable and can fit in almost any space from low income inhabitants to the high-end homes.

Skyplast Manufacturers Ltd is located in Nairobi, Kenya. The company is working in Chemicals, Plastic Products and other business activities.

Contacts: +254 20 559490

  1. Mamba Tanks

Mamba tanks are suitable for home water storage and commercial water storage. You can get cylindrical UV-plastic storage tanks between 210 litres to 15,000 litres. Also, Mamba has rectangular UV-plastic ceiling water tanks with a capacity of 315 litres to 1,000 litres.

If you are looking for septic tanks, Mamba has got you. They have quality septic tanks with a volume of 1,700 litres. Finally, you can visit Mamba offices along Enterprise Road in Industrial Area.

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